Cocktails And Calories: This Infographic Shows How Many Calories Are Really In Your Drink

We've all been there: the work week (or work day) winds to a close and all you want to do is hang out with your friends and enjoy a little adult beverage. Whether you're hanging at the pub, hitting the club or kicking it on the patio, we all know moderation is the key to having a good time -- no one wants to get sloppy. But depending on your mood, walking that line between feeling 'good' and being 'wrecked' can be difficult. The following infographic should provide you with enough inspiration to stay on this side of sober! The good people over at have put together this graphic that includes some of the most popular drinks, their calorie counts, which drinks to watch out for and those that provide such a high calorie count, you might want to avoid them completely. Perhaps it is time to swap that summer Pina Colada for a Gin & Tonic.... cocktails Has your beverage of choice been sabotaging your calorie intake? Source: The Richest

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