Coke Is Lying About Calories: What You Need to Know

With countries like the U.S. worried about the rising rates of obesity, sales for high-sugar beverages like soda have begun to plummet. In response, one the leading soda giants has tried to downplay the idea that calories are causing anyone harm. The Coca-Cola Company has seen it's industry suffer in recent years. The company has tried tactics in the past to boost the public's image of sugary soda drinks. In February 2015, Coke paid nutrition bloggers to start writing articles about how a little can of it's soda could be considered a good snack. [bctt tweet="Coke Is Lying About Calories: What You Need to Know"] Evidence continues to come out about how sugary drinks are causing heart disease, diabetes and excessive weight gain. So Coke has decided to fund 'research' of it's own. It has tried to put forth the idea that calorie consumption have virtually nothing to do with weight, and that exercise is the key to shedding pounds. In essence, the brand is saying that you can drink as many sugar-laden, chemically manufactured beverages as you want and not gain weight or risk your health - as long as you workout. But the truth is that exercise and diet go hand-in-hand. Eating well and reducing your intake of processed sugars is as much a part of a healthy lifestyle as hitting the gym. Coke might be grasping at straws to get your dollars, but what they are trying to tell people is false information and may even be dangerous. What are your thoughts on Coke's research? Source: The New York Times

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