Comments That Challenge Your Mind Body And Soul

I share my life with the community because I want you to know me more then just a trainer that you see doing a workout. I want you to feel like you are working out with a friend. I have shared some personal stories letting you know I go through trials and tribulations of what we call life. There are lot's of positive people out there but there are some that have to be questioned. Social media is tough you can't please everyone. Some people like what you are doing some don't. That's just the way it is.

My skin has definately become thicker. It's become an essential! I have read every type of negative comment possibly imaginable to man. How do I look at it? It's just water off my back. Not that you have to be drinking the DailyHiit Jungle Juice but some of the comments challenges you. It challenges our soul, mind, and body to get better in all that we do. I never take the negative comments personally because it's not about me it's about them.

Your mindset, motivation and productivity can't be totally dependent by the feedback of others. Working hard to build up momentum is a must, but some feel the need to needle you to try and bring you back to ground zero. I started thinking about how to interact with negative or difficult people. Just walk away.



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