How To Commit To A Fitness Plan (Because You Deserve It)

You hear it all the time, people go on a diet or start going to the gym to become more attractive. To look better to one person specifically or in general. Maybe you've spent hours looking at the Body Rock hosts and have yourself convinced that if you only looked like Sean or Lisa, you'd have the respect and attention you deserve. But the thing is, these sorts of motivations usually fail. You have to be your reason. You are more likely to see results if you make the priority your health and your own well being. Looking good at the beach isn't a bad goal but that cannot be your primary one. Think of it differently. Be excited to look good at the beach but see it as a result and not the reason. If you make the change for internal reasons, you are more likely to do it in a balanced way that leads to overall health. You will feel  better which means you can really enjoy that beach body. If you do it for you, you will start to push your own limits. You will test yourself for the simple enjoyment of surpassing your own expectations. You will stop looking beside you to see what someone else is doing. You will stop trying to push yourself to appear as though you are working harder than that person working out beside you. You don't know their motivations so why do you care? Follow your own. If you set your fitness goals around someone else and their ideas of you, what happens when that person leaves? It all crumbles. You'll feel your work has been for naught. You could easily slip into old habits and any progress you've made will no longer interest you. You can't hinge your workout plans on someone who wants to change you for superficial reasons. If you need an external boost, listen to those that love you most. They will remind you of why you started in the first place. You started because you deserve to be happy and healthy. This isn't to say that someone's idea, or comments or judgments can't light the spark. Sometimes it starts the journey but after that, it has to be about you. Once you turn your gaze and motivation inward, I'm willing to bet you find your motivation abounds! Do you agree? Does a real change have to come from within? Source: Elite Daily        

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