Commit & Succeed Rep Challenge - Day 2 Week Two of The February 30 Day Challenge

Hi Bodyrockers, We hope that you guys are keeping up with week 2 of our 30 day challenge. If you are new to the Challenge then  Click Here for the Timetable & Introduction. As you guys know, we have been away for the last week escaping the Canadian winter and getting in some R&R in the sun. It's been great to train outside the living room under the open blue skies and bright warm sun. There are a lot of distractions here - the beach, the pool, the book I'm reading (I'm on Book 3 of A Game Of Thrones - AMAZING) but one thing that we have stuck to is setting a set time for our training. "Soft Time" is different than "Set Time" - soft time is when you know that you should be BodyRocking but your training is not enough of a priority to comment to a firm commitment from you (Today at 4:30pm - BodyRocking - 20 Minutes!!!). Success is achieved through commitment - by setting goals, and then setting the time to make it happen. BodyRocking takes a maximum of 20 minutes per day and those 20 minutes will change your life. Commit and Succeed or Live Soft - it's your choice. Freddy

If you want to dramatically boost your results then follow our Diet Challenge on Lisa's Facebook page here. Supporting your training by eating the right way will make all the difference. The clean eating approach that we follow here on BodyRock.Tv is simple to follow, and it does not revolve around counting calories, complicated points systems or anything other than eating fresh whole foods. We are aiming to provide BodyRockers with the basic knowledge that they need to make the right choices around food. Here is what we had today for lunch - all the info that you need to follow our Diet Challenge is here.

Today's Workout:

Today's Workout: This is a times rep challenge! Set your interval timer :) This is a pyramid workout!  Make sure you don't stop until you have completed every rep!!  This workout targets the legs and core.  You will perform 10 Reps Per Exercise.  When 10 reps per exercise is complete you will do 9 then 8,7,6,5 etc down to the final round of 1 rep per exercise.

Exercise 1 Keg Squat

Start by having your Pink Sandbag on the ground in between your feet

Squatting down with your weight in your heels, knees not coming past your toes pick up the sand bag and place it on your left shoulder.

With the bag on your left shoulder standing upright.

do a full squat with the bag.

Drop the bag back in between your legs

Bend your knees into a jumping position.

Jump forward about the full length of the sandbag

Land softly on the balls of your feet. Do three squat jumps making sure you are jumping as high as you can but maintaining good form.

Step back into starting position and repeat this on the same shoulder.  Once you have finished your reps on this shoulder repeat and perform the same exercise on the right shoulder.

(Modification- You can also do this exercise if you have a dumb bell the same way as you would with the Pink Sandbag. If you don't have a sand bag this exercise can be performed with body weight only.  Do 2 body weight squats jump forward and do 3 squat jumps in place and repeat this exercise until you have completed all the reps.)

Exercise 2 Sandbag Hugger

Hug the bag tight and close to your body so the bag is facing a north south position.

Key for this exercise is to keep your core strong and a straight back!  Try and go for speed but do not sacrifice form!  Get yourself in a squatting position.  Weight in the heels, knees not past your toes.  In a squatting position you want to be low like you are sitting in a chair.

Like you are doing a jumping jack with your legs spread your legs apart while jumping.  Having the weight in the balls of your feet is best for the low jacks.  If you don't have a sandbag you can do low jacks with bodyweight only.

Exercise 3 High Knees Mountain Climbers Combo

10 high knees using your Pink Sandbag.  Hold the bag in front of you.  You want to hold the bag so the bag is facing a north south position.  If you do not have a sandbag you can do bodyweight only.

After performing 10 high knees place the bag on the ground and perform 10 mountain climbers.  Keep your back as straight as possible bringing each leg towards the body one at a time.  Remember not to bounce when you are doing this exercise.  Tight core straight back!

Exercise 4 Rotational Abs

Rotational abs exercise using your Pink Sandbag.  Start with your sandbag on the right side and the bag facing a north south position.  You want to be sitting down for this exercise and feet crossed and on the floor.

Press it up in front of you as high as you can lift the bag.  Make sure your head is straight and your bag is not to heavy for you to press away from your body.

Bring the bag to the opposite side. Repeat.


This months 30 Day Challenge incorporates:
  • Intense Total Body Workouts – 12 Minute Workouts specifically designed to maximize fat loss.
  • Specific Isolated Weighted Program to run alongside the Fitness Component – To Dramatically Improve Overall Toning & Strength.
  • Diet Challenges – Focusing on Portion Sizes, Recipes, Tips & Help with all aspects of Diet & Food – Ensuring you keep focused and on Track through the 30 Day Programme.
  • Support – Everyday we will be personally checking in with you on Facebook to keep you motivated, share food & give constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated, stay focused & on track. For Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page click here,Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here
Enjoy the workout Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie

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