Common Cold 911

With cold and flu season coming up, it's just a matter of time before we all get sick. We've all been there before. It starts with a runny nose and quickly progresses to clogged sinuses, a phlegmy cough and that très-sexy raspy voice. We can use hand sanitizer, take our vitamins, and avoid public transit as much as we want, but we all know when we hear that croaky cough behind us in the supermarket - that is the sound of inevitability. I most recently experienced this plague while travelling in Spain. I tried taking medicine, and drinking lots of water. I replaced beer with orange juice and parties with sleep. No matter what I did, I kept waking up feeling worse and worse. I was sitting in the kitchen in a hostel in San Sebastián drinking green tea, when one of the desk employees walked in. He was a Nicaraguan man who had just moved to Spain a month earlier. He'd been listening to me hacking and sneezing and thankfully took pity on me. He looked at me sipping on my green tea and said in a very serious, latin accent, "you want to drink this? Or, you want that I make you something from my country?" I chose option 2. He took a good five minutes preparing the beverage in a beer stein. "My Grandmother make this in Nicaragua. One day, you make this for your grandchildren." I was sceptical. I'd been sick for over a week at this point, and today was worse than ever. Nonetheless, I thanked the man, drank the hot beverage and left for the next town. Apart from the occasional lingering cough, I woke up the next day entirely cured. This easy-to-make recipe goes as follows: image                             Nicaraguan Natural Cold Cure Ingredients: 2 lemons, quartered 2 cups of hot water 2 teaspoons salt honey Directions: Cut the lemons into quarters and squeeze the juices into a large mug. Place two of the quarters into the mug, with the flesh facing up. Sprinkle the salt onto the lemons and let sit 1-2 minutes for the acid in the lemon to react with the salt Pour hot water into the mug, and stir until dissolved. Add honey to balance saltiness. Instead of immediately reaching for the medication next time you feel a cold coming on, try letting your body fight the virus with this natural electrolyte-replenisher. Add lots of sleep and water and this could be the miracle cure you make for your grandchildren.

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