Complaining doesn't burn calories

Other fitness-industry friends may be able to understand this, or maybe you are that person: Whether it's a family member, friend, or complete stranger. Once the topic of health and fitness comes up, or I mention that I'm a trainer/yoga instructor, the same comment comes out of his/her mouth: "Yeah I need to start working out again/go to yoga." And most likely it takes me a few seconds to respond. Why? Because I have to suppress my initial thoughts and try to figure out what kind of response they're fishing for that won't piss them off. I can't just spit out the magical answer that is going to be your miracle solution... if it were that easy you'd probably be fit by now. If you are looking for me to tell you "oh no, you look fine" when I know you're on 7 medications and your favorite exercise is walking to the fridge for a snack, I'm not going to coddle you. And, my favorite scenario, if you're waiting for a snarky response that you can try to come back at me with, "oh its easy for you to say, you're fit and you exercise all the time"...well I wasn't born good at this was I. I was an overweight teen and bailed on gym class every chance I had. I have people in my life that suffer from weight-related complications and I know how devastating it can be for everyone. The difference between where you are at now and where I am? I got a handle on my body and habits. It didn't happen overnight. It wasn't a miracle diet or exercise fad. I got an education. I learned by trial and error. And I failed A LOT. From diet pills to 0% self-worth, from eating a pack of bacon in one sitting to being vegetarian for 2 years, I've been there. But more importantly, I've come back. Stronger, smarter, confident, and ready to teach anyone willing to listen. I DO work my ass off almost every day. And I WILL tell you that it's easy, because I figured out that convincing myself it is makes it true. If you think something is hard, then you're right. If you think something is easy, then you're right. One day the light bulb will go off, and you'll realize the good feeling of exercise outweighs the "good" feeling of smoking or eating junk food and doing nothing. I am here to dedicate my life to teach you how to re-learn what it means to be happy, healthy and to not have to battle with every little calorie every single day. So if you are hanging out with me and you throw out some little comment like that, you better damn well know that I am not here to play around. Let's go. -Connie

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