Conceal Your Dark Circles, Rosacea, Acne And Scars With These 4 Tips

Unwanted marks on the face are a dime a dozen for many, especially as we age and become subject to long days at the office which make way for sleepless nights and leave us with dark circles, inevitable scarring, and pesky pimples. And if you're constantly looking in the mirror, taking a big sigh and wishing there was some magic wand that could hide these unwanted marks, then you might want to buy yourself some concealer and take up these quick tips. conceal
  1. Under eye circle
conceal What to use: Opt for a yellow-based concealer to counteract the blue, and peach-toned concealer to counteract darkness with a green or purple tone. How-to: Dab on eye cream first to prevent caking. Beginning under your tear duct and working to the outer corner of your eye, brush the concealer from the bottom of your eye socket up to the lash line. To blend, use your index finger to avoid excessive tugging. Applying foundation and pressed powder will follow. 2. Acne What to use: It seems everyone from kids to grandparents can be subject to blemishes, and unfortunately these bumps stick out and are hard to hide. Make sure to pick a concealer that best fits your skin tone. How-to: You should actually apply foundation before concealer, that way your concealer has something to stick to other than your skin. When you apply it, make sure to dab it on and blend it just beyond its edges. Set with loose powder. 3. Rosacea What to use: To rid the skin of redness, try a yellow-toned concealer, and make sure to avoid shades with a green, mauve, or orange tinge, because they all look unnatural on skin. How-to: Apply an oil-free tinted moisturizer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. This will help to create a smooth surface. Use either a makeup sponge or your fingertip to spot treat red areas. Finish with loose powder. 4. Scars conceal What to use: A corrective concealer is your best bet for long-lasting coverage due to its thick, tacky consistency. You'll want to pick a concealer shade that is just a bit darker than your actual complexion to hide the raised scars. If your scars are depressed then opt for a lighter one. How-to: Warm in your hands first, then dot thin coats of the concealer directly onto the scar with your fingers, going just beyond its parameters to blend. Make sure not to over apply, which can cause the scar to appear more apparent. Have you been using the right type of concealer and applying it the right way? Source: Prevention Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_110622" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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