Conquer Your Fitness Goals With Cross Training

Do you love playing tennis, soccer, basketball, cycling, or even running? It can be tempting to just play your favourite sport with every workout. It’s best to change up your routine every time. Cross training will help boost your overall fitness, as well as lower injury. It can even give you a boost with doing activities you enjoy doing. It’s best to choose alternate workouts that can help you reach your desired fitness goals. sprinting   Do you want to sprint fast?--Try Hiit Hiit is also known as high intensity interval training. It will assist you with your speed. When you work out at a higher intensity, it will improve your aerobic endurance, as well as your metabolic function. Even if you do intervals while on an elliptical or bike. jump higher Do you want a higher jump? --Try Pilates It doesn’t matter if you are a basketball player or a dancer, you may benefit from some extra height. If this is the case, you may want to head out to a Pilates class. When you jump, it requires power. A Pilates class will assist with strengthening the leg muscles, as well as boost the ability to lengthen and contract the muscles in order to jump high. lifting weights Do you wish to improve your lifting? --Try Plyo It doesn’t matter if you are a CrossFit addict or just wish to lift heavier weights, plyometric training may be the best option for you. Plyo includes box jumps, burpees, and jump squats. These moves will assist you with reaching your goal. When you do rapid movements, you give your body more power. These moves will work your muscles hard, the way they should. running Do you wish to have a farther distance? --Try Interval Training If you are looking to go the distance, for example a 50-mile bike ride, you will need to combine intervals of short times and an increased steady distance. If you are training for a long run, get on your bike for the interval workouts. If you are training for the 100-mile bike run, get off your bike to do some short running workouts. If you wish to react faster--Try Sports Conditioning Sports such as tennis needs a fast reaction time. A sports conditioning class is the best option for this. The exercises involved with this will boost the body’s ability in order to decelerate and accelerate so you are able to react quick. If you workout by yourself, try some speed work as well. yoga Do you wish to swim more efficiently?--Try Yoga Rhythmic and steady breathing is required in swimming for people to swim efficiently. Try yoga to gain more control over your routine. Having a steady pace for breathing can be great for being in the pool. Cyclists and runners who use swimming to get through a triathlon use strength training. Do you incorporate any of these into your workout regime? Source: Shape  

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