The "Convince Her To Get Bigger Breasts Manual" Might Make You Feel Sick To Your Stomach

Are you ready to go to your happy place? You may need to get there ASAP after reading this! Ivan LeCasque, 59, has written a book on what you can do to get a woman to have a boob job. He managed to convince his girlfriend Victoria to inflate her boobs from a 26D to 26K and she is the third girlfriend to get breast surgery while dating him! He says, "It has nothing to do with bribing her, nor pressuring her. We show how to make it exciting, how to make it her quest too, not just yours. The Convince Her [to Get Bigger Breasts] Manual is more than 110 pages of exactly what you need: specific tips, words, and lines of conversation that will lead to your objective." So, maybe not bribing or pressuring her but certainly wearing her down until her view of her body as is is shattered to the point that she will go under the knife for you. Because, making it look like "her quest too" doesn't negate the fact that it is actually your quest. Victoria helped to write the book and says, "I already had 500cc implants before I met Ivan, and one day, in jest, I said to him, 'Ivan, you should write a book because you've just been too lucky with your past relationships, with every woman getting a boob job.'" Ivan says this "Breast Quest" is about taking the relationship to a "new and more exciting level." And if a potential buyer of the book is concerned about any negative impact this may have, Ivan says, "This is not about repairing a defect, although after breastfeeding many women do describe themselves as disfigured and deflated... More than likely, the excitement of self-transformation will overwhelm negative feelings." Forgive me for not being overly convinced by that statement. Sounds to me like the entire premise of the book is based on exposing and utilizing someone's insecurities to get what you want. Ivan claims it isn't a selfish demand but I'm not sure how it is anything but. There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting implants. Nothing. Victoria helped with the book so she's clearly on board, which again is fine. That's totally her prerogative. But the decision should be the woman's and the woman's alone. Surgically changing your body is serious business and it is horrifying to think that someone who supposedly loves you could be working this hard to manipulate and control your decision making process. The book's website asks, "What is the one thing you must do to convince her to become your dream girl?" Apparently, the answer is convince her to get larger breasts. Ladies, let's put a stop to this. If you want breast surgery, go to town. If you don't, and your partner makes you feel like you should get it or at all tries to manipulate your choices, ditch that partner! I am willing to bet you can find several replacements that think you are wonderful just as you are! h/t: Cosmopolitan

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