COOKIES `n CREME! Smoothie Recipes

OK, maybe we`re getting a little out of control these days with our sweet tooth, but we are on a mission to prove there is an alternative to running to the nearest Dairy Queen for a blizzard. Let`s get one thing straight first: This recipe is not close to perfect in its nutritional balance, nor is it free of unprocessed food. BUT, it is the best healthy smoothie recipe to provide some damage control between you a towering tipple of regret at your nearest ice cream joint. Here`s what you'll need: 1 frozen banana (or non-frozen. Frozen gives thicker consistency.) 1 cup of vanilla almond milk, or milk with with a dash of vanilla extract, or non-dairy milk with a dash of vanilla. 2 cubes of ice ¼ cup of chocolate cookies Instructions: Toss the banana, milk and ice in the blender. Blend until smooth. (Don`t be impatient! If your banana was frozen it could take a minute or two.) Add cookies to the mix, and blend until the cookies are chopped, so only 20 - 30 seconds. Finally, drink up!

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