Core Focus - BURNOUT Those Abs!

I love working my abdominals in many ways, different planes and mixing it up rather than the standard old crunches. In my boot camp class I do the below burnout at the end of our session to really work the core and burn out those abs! Use the below set of exercises as a burnout 1x through or repeat 2-3 times for more intensity!


(complete each exercise for 45 seconds) 1) Knee Extension with Reverse Crunch 2) Straight Arm Diamond Leg Crunch (w/weight) 3) Straight Leg Shin touch + Heal Tap 4) Side Plank Hip Dip + Elbow to Knee Crunch (r) 5) same as above on opposite side 6) Russian Twist with weight Want to make it more intense? You can: - add 30 seconds of skipping rope between each exercise - add 30 seconds of Mt. Climbers between each exercise I go through 1 round with you below! Hit it and then repeat 1-2 more times.

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