Core without the Crunch

Abs, abs, abs, core, core, core, hot, hot, hot.  The greatest sign of fitness: ABS.  We all want abs but HATE to lay on the floor and do, what is a solution?  Use weights and ENGAGE that core!  What does "engage the core" really mean?  When performing exercises such as squatting with a barbell, curling dumbbells, pushing or pulling objects or even cardio HIIT training, the core should always be engaged and assisting in the exercise. When engaging your core, you will feel a little tightening as you exhale at the top of your exercise.  Place your hands on your hip bones, then move your fingers about one inch in towards your belly button and about one inch down towards your toes, this is your transversus abdominus, or, your inner core.  The transversus abdominus and rectus abdominus (outer core)  should be contracted and tight when working towards the top of your exercise.  For example, place a weighted barbell on your back and go down into a back squat, when coming up, also know as going into the "work" part of the exercise, engage your transversus abdominus or core in a tight, contracted motion until you have finished one repetition.  After multiple repetitions of the back squats with an engaged core, you will really get a strong abdominal workout.  This practice goes with any movement or exercise that you do, even walking! Keeping your core contracted and engaged in all forms of movement and exercise will get you one step closer to the 6-Pack that you desire!  Now, sit up, contract and engage your core and get moving to your greatest sign of fitness, your ABS! No crunching required :)   ab muscles

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