This Corn Fungus Could Be the Next Best Thing in Your Meal

In today's culinary world, the weirder the better. There's no room for plain old hot dogs, pasta with red sauce or a straight up sandwich. We like innovative, colorful, weirdly healthy and pretty much anything else that we can post on our Instagram to catch people's eyes. So what's the next best thing in the food scene? That would be corn fungus. corn It began last July when Nat Bradford found that all 1,400 of his White Bolita Mexican corn plants at his Sumter, S.C., farm had become corn smut, which transforms each corn kernel into a  bulging gall of bluish-grey color. Typically referred to by most farmers as "devil's corn," Bradford was distraught at his discovery, as this corn was meant to be served at Chef Sean Brock's restaurant Minero, a Mexican restaurant in Charleston, S.C. Bradford pondered what in the world he was going to do. But upon hearing the news, Brock was enthralled. He asked Bradford to harvest the so called devil's corn by hand and bring it to Charleston, where Brock decided to prepare tacos with it. "I love when nature throws you a curveball, and it tastes like this," exclaimed Brock. "It's insanely delicious and luxurious, like black truffles." corn In Mexico, this smut is known as "huitlacoche," and is known for its nutritional value, as it has large quantities of the essential amino acid lysine, as well as fiber and protein. "Next year I'm going to make sure Chef Sean Brock has all he wants," Bradford proudly stated.   Have you heard of our tried this corn fungus?    

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