The Cotton Ball Diet

Yes, you read that right. There are people out there eating cotton balls. Bria Murphy, A former Top Model contestant, revealed that she saw models eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice to feel full but stay skinny. Apparently this 'trend' has caught on with young women. There are posts on blogs and videos on YouTube that detail the process of the cotton ball diet.

Up to 5 cotton balls are eaten in one 'meal' to feel full. Orange juice is usually the dip used to give the cotton balls flavor. Some people are also using lemon juice or smoothies.

This diet is scarier than most because well, cotton balls aren't supposed to be ingested! The balls are made of bleached synthetic polyester that contain tons of chemicals.

Other than the obvious risk of malnutrition; women are putting themselves at risk of choking and blocking their intestinal tracts, which could be fatal. Not only do women face the risk of choking and malnutrition, but an obstruction of the intestinal tract -- a trapped mass called a bezoar -- is highly likley said Dr Ovidio Bermudez, the chief medical officer at the Eating Recovery Center in Denver.

The most common causes of bezoars are swallowing indigestible matter like hair or too much vegetable fiber. Cotton balls could certainly create similar problems,' he explained.

Over time, the cotton balls could build up and create several blockages or a full obstruction. Either of these conditions could be life-threatening, Bermudez said. Despite the risks, young women are demonstrating the diet on YouTube and in body image forums, which some experts find particularly worrying.

These young women need to meet Lisa-Marie and get on track to a healthy life-before it's too late.

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