From Couch Potato to Fitness Star: How This YouTubing Teen Changed Her Life

Elle Darby admits she used to be a lazy, junk food loving teenager who never had set foot in the gym. But in just one year, this YouTube star has turned her life around and made amazing strides towards getting fit. fit youtube star healthy active At 19, Elle decided she was fed up with her lackadaisical lifestyle and started making big changes. She chose to document her journey on YouTube, and gained a fan base 30,000 strong. As a young girl, Elle's father was jailed for 37 months on charges of fraud. The stress caused emotional issues and out-of-control eating habits for the young girl. Her love of junk food carried on through her early teens and as pounds were gained, Elle started to dislike her body. teenage weight loss success story "Since I started secondary school around the age of 13 I had constantly felt like the bigger one out of my friends, my sisters, in fact - anybody I met." Elle explains to the Daily Mail. "Any photos that I took of myself I would Photoshop to make myself look slimmer." While studying at university, she realized now was the time to change. She cut out junk food and began lifting weights and smashing cardio sessions. She recorded all of her struggles and successes for her YouTube fans and still posts regular food diaries and workouts on her channel. The teen has even landed a modelling contract and is working towards becoming a personal trainer! "Knowing I was helping girls who were too nervous to walk into the gym - who felt like I did for so many years - it made me work even harder." Elle says. What do you think of this inspiring teen's journey? Would you ever document your weight loss journey publicly? Source: Daily Mail  

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