Could 5 Days Off Your Diet Destroy Your Metabolism?

You’re on vacation: away from the stressful office, away from your daily life, including your diet… Or maybe you’re just having a rough week, finding yourself eating fast food or snacking more than usual. It's just so easy to indulge sometimes, taking what seems to be unholy amounts of self control to hold back, which makes you think, "surely a few days off my diet can't hurt long-term, right?" Unfortunately, it looks like it does. Virginia Tech took on the study with 12 adult men, keeping track as they were fed high-fat diets (made up of around 55% fat), maintaining the same level of caloric intake pre-study. What they found was shocking; it only takes 5 days of high-fat snacking to mess up your metabolism. 5 days off diet What happens is that your body's ability to process nutrients adjusts to your diet, and that isn't really a surprise. What is surprising about their findings is how short the time frame is for tearing down your metabolic system. This means that a few days off can lead to massive blowbacks long term; weight-gain and obesity, diabetes and various other health issues. The whole body is affected negatively. This proved that a sudden and brief high-fat diet still disrupts how well your muscles fundamentally work with your diet. The mens' muscles weren't able to oxidize glucose the same way they were pre-splurge and it will take time to build back up to the efficiency they once had. As that glucose is used by our muscles for energy, if that single important process is interrupted, it can have rippling effects on your overall health. Keep in mind that this is just the results of one small study, and further effects from this study have yet to be published, though let this one serve as an eye-opener to those of us struck by those temptations from time to time to take a break from our diet. Instead of focusing on what could be if we indulge, we should focus on what could be if we stick to our guns. Be stubborn about this. Don't give in. Those couple of donuts or fully loaded pizza aren't worth it in comparison to your health and what you've worked so hard for.  

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