Could A Low-Carb Diet CURE Major Health Problems?

Obesity, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and all the lifestyle-related diseases are fairly new to human existence. In only a few years, these diseases have seen a staggering increase and they are putting millions of lives at risk. Experts have been trying to pinpoint the exact cause of these health problems, and often blame our technology-driven, sedentary lifestyles. But some professionals are looking at the food we eat as the biggest culprit in causing such an epidemic. low carb diet When you think of carbs, you probably think of weight gain. Carbs have been labeled as bad, with little to no understanding of the kinds of carbs we are referring to. Refined, processed carbohydrates are bad and can pack on the pounds while harming our health. However, ancient cultures have thrived on healthy, naturally occurring carbs and never had any of these new health problems. Studies have shown that removing carbs (both natural and refined) from your diet can actually reverse diseases like obesity. Even though healthy carbs don't cause problems, temporarily shedding the intake of them helps cure your body. "The cure doesn’t have to be the opposite of the cause." family physician Andreas Eenfeldt explains. "Despite the propaganda against such diets… they consistently lead to much better health outcomes than low-fat diets, which have actually been proven to be 100% ineffective in the long run." Prevention of these diseases is as easy as limiting your processed, high sugar, high saturated fat intake and welcoming nutritional foods and exercise into your routine.  What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the low-carb diet cure? Source: Authority Nutrition

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