Could Coconut Vinegar Be THE Ultimate Superfood?

It seems like the nutrition world is in love with everything coco recently. From coconut milk, to coconut oil, to the latest in the craze - coconut vinegar! Even if you've never heard of coconut vinegar, you've probably heard a thing or two about apple cider vinegar. ACV has been a long standing staple of health for it's amazing anti-bacterial properties and it's weight loss aiding powers. But ACV doesn't deliver in the taste department, as many are put off by it's rather repulsive tang. Coconut vinegar is everything you want from ACV, but with a better taste and less calories. In fact, coconut vinegar has absolutely no calories in it! It has a more mellow flavour and a hint of sweetness so downing it is a breeze. Plus, drinking coconut vinegar will make your gut love you. It is loaded with pre-biotics and probiotics to keep your intestinal flora happy and healthy. It is great for a pre-workout because it is extremely high in potassium so you get a shot of energy with every gulp. It also repairs and builds muscle tissue thanks to it's high amino acid complex. This naturally fermented vinegar is made from the sap of coconut trees, and can be found at many health food retailers. Take a big shot of coconut vinegar and share your experience with us! What health foods do you swear by? Source: Shape        

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