Could Iron-Rich Foods Sabotage Your Weight Loss Progress?

If you're a lover of red meat or any high iron foods, you may be finding that losing weight is a challenge. The iron content in your diet plays a role in how much you eat and how hungry you become throughout the day. Researchers have discovered that eating high amounts of iron lowers your body's level of leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite and metabolic rate. The more iron in your system, the harder it is for your body to get the signal that it's full. This can cause you to overeat and think you are hungrier than you actually are. The issues associated with iron don't stop there. Research has also concluded that drastically high iron levels increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular problems. "The recommended daily allowance, or amount necessary to meet requirements of healthy individuals, is about 18 milligrams for adult females." says Lisa Moskovitz, registered dietitian. Getting more than the required dose can lead to nausea, gastric upsets and even fainting. It is a delicate balance of intaking enough iron to stay healthy, but not overdoing it. Even certain veggies, lentils and supplements can cause a dangerous spike in iron. "The key is to have to a balanced diet, including plenty of plant-based foods as well as lean protein sources. Avoid eating large quantities of red meat." Lisa recommends.   What are your thoughts? Have you ever suffered from iron deficiency or too much iron? Source: Shape

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