Could Microwaving Be The Solution To Your Sweaty Armpit Problems?

Is your antiperspirant just not doing what the label promised it would? Do you find your underarms are spurting like Niagara Falls after a good sweat sesh? Well a new FDA-approved device is here to change all that! It's not exactly a microwave, but it does use the same technological concept to remove hair and reduce sweating. The device is called the MiraSmooth Hyperhidrosis Solution. It looks like a laser gun and it heats up just like a microwave. Except it's not leftover casserole it's warming, it's your sweat glands! It's supposed to damage your sweat glands enough that they stop secreting odorous perspiration, but not enough to cause actual nerve or lymph issues. [bctt tweet="Could Microwaving Be The Solution To Your Sweaty Armpit Problems?"] After you laser your pits, you should notice significant reduction in the amount of sweat and smelliness that sneaks out of them. The company advises that there may be some bumps, swelling and mild bruising in the area but that will subside in a few weeks. crazy beauty trend The device has also been approved as a hair removal method. It can reduce return-hair growth by up to 70%. As far as safety is concerned, there is no long-term data to draw from, but it possesses way less strength than that of conventional microwave. So will you be tossing your razor and deodorant and hitting the clinic for some pit-crowaving? Source: Shape Image Source: Elite Daily  

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