Couple Who Were Bullied At School For Being Fat Become Competitive Body Builders

Jordan Saunders and Ray Bath were bullied for being overweight as children. But these days, it is a different story. The engaged couple met at the gym. They now own a their own personal training business and are getting married next September in Cyprus. Saunders says, "both me and Ray have beat the bullies to bag our buff bodies -- and each other. When the pictures of us posing on stage in a bodybuilding contest came out  had people who had teased me at school asking for weight loss tips. Suddenly all these people who had called me names when we were teenagers came out of the woodwork and were asking how they cold get in great shape." While studying Sports Science in university, Saunders began working as a personal trainer at a gym where she met Bath. They began training together and setting goals to work toward together. He confided in her that he had been bullied as well and that bonded them even more. It wasn't long before they decided to take their fitness to the next level and compete in bodybuilding competitions. They began a calorie controlled diet and worked out 7 times a week. She says, "when I started to feel confident about my figure for the first time in my life I decided it would be worth doing something to prove to other what I had achieved. Ray was in really good shape and had great definition. I thought he looked better than most bodybuilders so I convinced him to take part in the competition as well." In October 2014 they competed in the Miami Pro UK Championships where Bath finished 5th. In April the took part in the Miami Pro World Championship where Saunders finished 6th in the beach body category and 7th in the fitness category. Of their union Bath says, "It is overwhelming to find someone who shares our passion, who you get along with and who you think highly of to be next to you throughout your journey. I feel like we are really creating something together." It really does sound like they are creating something together. What do you think?

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