The couple that exercises together stays together

I've always loved to exercise. Although throughout my life I have tried various forms, one thing has remained the same, and that is my love for working out. Exercising affects many things in life, but I had no idea that it would impact my relationship. When my Fiance and I first met in 2007 we were both fans of exercising, but neither of us had a particular routine. We simply went for a run or did a fitness class if we were feeling a bit sluggish to help conquer those dreaded 'body hate days'. But after a few years of being together we both decided that we wanted to improve our fitness levels and our bodies. Neither of us were badly out of shape, but we made the decision that we didn't want to be the sort of couple who stop trying to impress the other person just because we had been together for a couple of years. It was around this time that a friend of mine introduced me to Bodyrock, god bless that friend! So I started following the videos on Youtube and then downloaded the app for my phone, and before I knew it I was working out every day. Seven days a week! It hit me that my body needed rest days and that I had perhaps gone at it a bit too hard, so decided to cut down to five days a week and have stuck at that ever since. 1184792_10151544569031244_985685971_n At the same time, my Fiance found a love for lifting weights. He had always been a fan of running, but a severe knee injury left him unable to do that, so he would lift weights in the room where I would do my Bodyrock workout. The fact that we have both rekindled our love for working out has brought us even closer together. Due to my Fiances knee problems he is unable to do a lot of the Bodyrock exercises, but occasionally joins me on the ones that don't trouble his injury, and it is such an amazing feeling working out together. Possibly the best part is that we are both ridiculously competitive people, and exercising together brings this out, which makes us both push even harder on our workouts. It's also a great source of moral support because we both know exactly what to say to pick each other up and give each other a much needed boost when we are struggling with an exercise. The endorphins and body confidence exercise gives you are well documented, but there's something amazing about the things most websites don't tell you about couples who workout together. Because both of us are exercising regularly we are now more physically attracted to each other than ever before, and our minds seem to be more in sync than before as we are both even happier and more determined people now. We are better role models for our Son too as he will sometimes start copying me when I'm doing press ups. It's a fantastic feeling knowing that our Son now sees working out as a normal regular activity as it will hopefully influence him to keep fit and healthy as he grows up. 1390758_10151657280101244_1559673315_n So as one of your New Year resolutions why not try introducing your other half to Bodyrock? It's also a great way to ensure you never miss a workout as you can give each other the boost you need to get up and do it. It's true what they say...the couple that exercises together stays together. readu?

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