Couple Loses Weight Before Wedding And Are Now Bodybuilders

Michael and Emma Hoe admit that they used to love to eat anything and everything. Emma explains: "We never paid much attention to our diets. We used to eat a lot of chocolate and between us at least two tubs of Ben and Jerry's a week. We used to have pizza a lot and have very large portioned meals without any thought to what was in them. Chicken wings were our guilty pleasure after falling in love with them while in Vegas." emma It was that trip to Vegas where the desire to change arose. Emma says "after our trip to Vegas, I was not happy with how I looked in the pictures, and with our wedding booked, I started to think about losing weight. I wanted to look the best I could on our wedding day." Michael decided to join her in her healthy shift as he too hoped to shed some pounds and tone his body before the big day. michael

He said: "I had been weight training at home for several years without any structured plan or focus on my diet. I had gained a decent size but did not have a good look, I felt like I was wasting my time so I had to step it up and change. Emma wanted to look the best she could ahead of our wedding and I decided to do the same, it was good motivation for both of us."

The couple gave up their takeaway for home made, well balanced meals. If they want pizza, they make their own with toppings high in protein. They don't deprive themselves completely, however. "We do treat ourselves at least once every two weeks and we have found we have a higher appreciation of food than we did before and we enjoy our food more now," says Michael.


The pair say that most people have been truly supportive of them both but their attitude to the haters is incredibly healthy. "We are really lucky to have great families and friends, lots of people have asked for advice and training tips. That makes us feel good as they must think we are doing it right," said Michael. "However, some people have said we are obsessed and it's taking over our lives and that the weight will come back but they aren't friends - they are irrelevant negative people." Irrelevant, indeed!


They let loose on their honeymoon but upon their return, they got right back into the swing of things. Having achieved the bodies they desired for the wedding, they now have a new goal in mind:  bodybuilding titles. Michael says he was always into bodybuilding and introduced to to Emma as a great way for her to stay in shape. She wasn't so enthusiastic at first but once she started to see the results of weight training, she was hooked.


Currently, the pair are working toward the bodybuilding title of Mr. and Mrs. Hull. After that, who knows. Sky's the limit.

Do you and your partner have fitness goals you are working on together? Tell us all about it!

h/t: Daily Mail

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