Couple Redefines "Hanging Out" In Death-Defying Photos!

Leonardo and Victoria love spending some quality time together. Their favourite date idea? Hanging out on a cliff that has a 3,000 ft drop with no safety equipment. Employing their trusty selfie stick to capture some romantic moments, the couple are avid rock climbers and pretty adventurous dare-devils. They have scaled mountains together, and have plans to swim with sharks later this year. climbing couple brazil The couple do most of their climbing in Rio de Janeiro. Their Instagram snapshots put your tanning selfies to shame! People have mixed emotions about their pics, ranging from jealousy to pure fear! couple love relationship The pair got together (not surprisingly) during a group climb one day after Leonardo helped Victoria descend from a rock. He invited her to climb with him again and their passion for each other (and climbing) has grown ever since! Rock climbing is a great workout and provides cardio, muscle sculpting and improved heart health. climbing travel rio de janeiro What are your thoughts on this death-defying couple? Would you ever hang off a cliff without safety equipment just for a killer picture? Share your thoughts with us!   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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