This Couple is the Ultimate #RelationshipGoals Fitness Duo

When it comes to working out, we know that having a buddy is a bonafide way to keep you on track. And what better way to show off teamwork than hitting up social media to share your work with the world? People love to scour through hashtags, finding fun and fit people who inspire us every day. And you've got to love a good #RelationshipGoals inspiration. Couples who are cute and cut? Mike and Lex Sawtelle are most definitely making this hashtag worthwhile. exercise couple These motivational swolemates hail from Arizona, and their Instagram,  Jacked And Jill, is gaining a lot of attention for its well-rounded exploration of all things fitness and pure love. exercise couple From using each other as body weight to hiking with their adorable pup Wrigley, it's smiles for miles with this exercise couple. exercise couple The outdoors are their playground, their dog is their biggest fan and their love for each other shines through in every image and video they post. Being able to make working out fun is one of the biggest obstacles that gets in the way of people's ability to achieve the goals they so desire, but if you take anything from fitness couple Mike and Lex, let it be that exercising doesn't have to take place in a gym if that's not your thing. Use your dog as motivation to get outside, hit up the playground for a change of equipment, and find a friend to come up with creative ideas. exercise couple Do you follow this dynamic duo on Instagram? Source: Elite Daily   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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