Courteney Cox's Changing Face Has People Talking

The media is constantly quick to judge whether someone in the spotlight has gained weight, lost weight, aged badly, or undergone plastic surgery. And society loves to jump on the band wagon, scrutinizing at every turn what people look like. Whether to feel better about themselves, cause a stir, or to simply state a point, it's much easier to pass judgement than it is to try and understand what lies beneath the surface. Courteney Cox Recently, the beautiful and talented actress Courteney Cox was spotted at the Amazon premiere for the drama series "Hand Of God" at the Ace Hotel with fiancé Johnny McDaid. The media responded in a frenzy to the seemingly different appearance of Cox, 51, whose puffy cheeks made way for rumours regarding what "work" she may have gotten done. Courteney Cox As Cox has aged, she's stayed in the spotlight for her ever-changing facial structure, which seems to morph more into that of someone who has had multiple procedures and less into a naturally aging woman, wrinkles and all. But the question shouldn't be what the actress has gotten done, but perhaps what society has created to cause people, especially celebrities, to constantly try to keep up with youth. Spotted earlier this year looking more like the Cox we are used to, it's hard not to notice the differences in her features. Courteney Cox Cox has admitted to receiving Botox in the past. "You know what, I’m game for anything. I’m very open to trying to prolong the inevitable," Cox once told New You magazine. Clearly not afraid to face the facts, she doesn't want to hide her choices, even if the media portrays her negatively. Courteney Cox Cox doesn't seem to want to embrace her age and admits that she fears the continuous process of aging and what it might do to her. "My biggest fear is that it catches up to you so quickly, it’s almost like you wake up and you’ve changed. You can be rocking along in your life and then it just happens." Her comments may help society to understand her choices to undergo procedures, but they won't stop the media from poking fun, asking questions and making a mockery of the beautiful, talented and well-respected actress.

What are your thoughts on Cox's decision to prolong her youth, and the media's response to the change in her appearance?

Source: Daily Mail

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