CRAZY! (real time workout)

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  I named this workout "CRAZY" because that is exactly what was going on in my brain during this workout!  My son Niko was present and causing some mischief during the workout.  I was distracted and it shows!  I thought I completed one round rather quickly, then I looked at the workout written down and realized I had skipped an exercise!  I had to focus so I didn't make anymore mistakes...I ended up doing the skipped exercise at the very end.  (It was #5 2x Walking Push Ups and 10x Mountain Climbers). Balancing kids and fitness has its challenges.  If you are trying to do one of my workouts at home and your little ones are running around, chances are you will have to stop what you are doing and help them.  I have 2 kids (Gianna 6 and Niko 4).  If they are both at home with me when I work out, I explain what I am doing and tell them they need to get along for just 20 minutes!!  YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!   After the first 7 minutes, because they wait til you are well into it and you can't start over, the yelling and screaming and crying begins!  If I am lucky, I will just call them over, they explain what happened, and I try to resolve it.  Then I can just go back to what I am doing and hopefully finish.  I'm not always lucky...Sometimes the screaming doesn't stop no matter what I do and I just have to call it quits.  But most of the time I can get through it.  I plan as well as I can so that my chances of finishing the workout are high.  I prepare food, put out coloring supplies, turn on a movie, or anything they are interested in to keep them busy.  Getting a workout done is very important to me.  I feel better that I took 20 minutes out of the day to do something for me. Not only am I doing something for myself by working out, but both Gianna and Niko are watching me and learning how to stay fit.  Setting that foundation is priceless.  I will hear Gianna yell "HEY MOM! WATCH THIS!" and I look over to see her do a Ninja Jump Tuck!  Or she will show me how she can do a burpee!  I love it!!  During this workout you are about to watch, Niko does a bunch of burpees with me!  I didn't realize how well he was doing them til I watched it back!  I was very impressed! Get CRAZY with me!  You will need your interval timer, a mat, and your Ugi Ball. Here's the workout Breakdown: (set timer for 20 Rounds, 10 rest/50 work) 1. 2x Push Ups, roll, 2x V Ups 2. Ugi Pulse Jump Lunges 3. Crab Toe Touches 4. 10 High Knees, Drop Down, Power Up 5. 2x Walking Push Ups, 10 Mountain Climbers 6. Ugi Woodchop Pound 7. Hip Lift and Reach 8. 180 Degree Burpees 9. Ugi Side Lunge, Jump Squat, Side Lunge 10. 2 Touch V Ups (alternate) Finish with 50 BURPEES!!!

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