Creative Christmas Wrapping!

Hello Everyone! Totally personalize your Christmas wrapping this holiday! Here is my Creative Christmas Wrapping DIY To see how I created these presents, please watch the video below: You will need: Wrapping Paper (Target and Winners) Sparkly Paper (Michaels) Greenery (Floral Shop) White Sparkly Decor (Dollarama) Letter (Dollarama) Straws (Target) Lace (Fabric Land) Name Tags (Winners) Scissors Hot Glue Gun Tape Box Step 1.: Start by  tracing your stencil letter onto the back of your glittery paper Step 2: Cut the letter out carefully Step 3: Next, lay out your wrapping paper. Turn your box upside down. Make sure to place your box in a direction that does not waste too much paper. Step 4: Cut your paper to size. Fold the two sides in and tape them down, then on the ends of the box fold the extra paper into two triangle shapes. Make sure to fold tightly to ensure a neater look and tape them all down. Step 5: Take pieces of lace and hot glue them to the present. I put mine at the top and bottom. Step 6: Cut down the decorative straws to fit your gift and then hot glue them down. Step 7: Create the flower/snow flake decor. Take long strips of wrapping paper and fold them as if you were making a fan. Next, you will open all of the folds you have made and glue them down into a flower shape. Step 8: Place your flower decor and letter onto your gift. Step 9: For an extra Christmasy touch add white sparkle decor to the top and bottom on top of the lace. Step 10: Finish this look by adding a creative name tag! And there you have it, a personalized present!  

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