Cross-Training Activities For Runners, HIIT Lovers, Yogis And More

Get stronger in your primary sport by doing these performance strengthening activities! Mixing up your training is extremely healthy for your body and your mind. No matter what sport you do, we've got the cross-training activity for you: Runners: Try Weight Lifting  Many runners are scared that hitting the weights will bulk them up and slow them down. That's not the case at all! “Since they primarily run, they often don’t have a regular routine of strength training. But to excel, they need to think about muscular strength and endurance and flexibility, which require different types of training.” says exercise science professor Jessica Matthews. She recommends working on your upper body to help your form, and toning your core to prevent injuries. Swimmers: Try Cardio  Walk, run or hike! Cardio keeps your heart pumping and strengthens your muscles so you can swim faster. It's an excellent full body workout, but to increase your bone density you should be adding in a few weight bearing moves too. Yogis: Try Cardio Cardio can help with balance and strength. Even light walking can increase your flexibility and agility on the mat while helping burn calories and tone your muscles. Cyclists: Try Yoga  yoga Cycling is great, but it also means a lot of sitting in a tight position. Yoga eases your body and improves your posture. "All that flexing can cause tightness, which can throw off your posture and lead to inefficient movements." says Jessica. "So incorporate flexibility training into your routine to balance it out." HIIT Lovers: Try Steady-State Cardio  Steady-state cardio is low-intensity, the perfect way to recover from a high intensity workout. “[High intensity and low intensity] train your energy systems in different ways." says Jessica. Give light jogging, walking or swimming a try for 20 to 30 minutes as part of your routine.   What are your thoughts? Do you cross train to get better at your sport? Source: Shape    

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