CrossFit Athlete is Left Paralyzed

CrossFit was introduced to the fitness world in 2000 with the theory that elite fitness should incorporate and combine weightlifting, gymnastics, and sprinting among others.  As in fitness in general there are risks.  Heavy weights must be supported by even stronger muscles and one misstep could cost you greatly. A Colorado athlete, Kevin Ogar, was competing in Southern California and was performing a routine ‘snatch’ when the accident happened.  The video shows him able to get the barbell over his head but he couldn’t hold it and it fell to the floor behind him, it hit weights behind him and then flew into his back-severing his spine. While many in the CrossFit community argue that the sport isn’t to blame, there is no doubt the handling heavy weights should be done both supervised and with care.  All sports come with their share of danger and potential injury and even the most elite of athletes are not immune to the dangers of their sports. What is heartening is that, although Kevin is without any health coverage, the CrossFit community has rallied behind him.  Over 4,000 had pledged on Fundly and have raised over $280,000 towards his recovery. Its so easy in these instances to automatically blame the sport or the fitness regimen but accidents do happen especially when lifting 275 lbs, on a bar, over your head.  Perhaps instead of blaming CrossFit, we would all be better served to address how we can make exercises safer to help prevent these kinds of injuries. This is the video of the event, but it's not for the faint of heart.  There's no blood or gore...but its almost worse when you know what happened...use discretion

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