Is CROSSFIT a friend or fad?

We all know that there are fads in this world. Fad diets, fad trends, and the infamous fad workouts. Crossfit training has EXPLODED in the fitness world, but is crossfit training right for you, your body, and your goals?   We look at the “super jacked” or “super slim” people doing crossfit and automatically assume after a few sessions we will be fast on our way to a body like that. However, like any work out, make sure you do your research and make sure your body can handle the intensity. Here we will lie out some Pros and yes, CONS of crossfit.  


  1. It’s a rigorous routine. This helps prevent one from going to the gym and wandering around haphazardly, which most of us are guilty of doing.
  2. Crossfit uses multi-join movements, which can have a positive effect on pones and keep the CNS sharp.
  3. Crossfit requires a higher metabolic demand; therefore, increasing the post-energy consumption and helping you burn more calories at rest.
  4. Timed exercises. This is a pro and a con all in one. Pro- it pushes you to do as many as you can and not to give up after a few. Con- people focus on soley being fast and forget form, which is extremely important to prevent injuries.
  5. A lot of positive feedback. When a program is RAVING on facebook for weeks more and more people’s curiosity is perked and they want to try it.


  1. Crossfit instructors only have to go to a two-day training seminar. So the person you are putting your trust, health, and promise of results in may have bare minimum knowledge.
  2. Crossfit clams that it is an “end-all be-all” that with doing crossfit you can accomplish ANY goal no matter what that goal can be. Research shows the more athletic you are the fewer results/least improvements you will see from crossfit.
  3. Crossfit will not make you better at sports. While it is a good modality it will not make you a better soccer/football/basketball player.
  4. Crossfitt calls for more than maximum reps. Once your body has reached its max reps with a weight all your muscle is doing is a fast muscle twitch, which can lead to injuries especially those who are new to working out.
  5. Poor Nutrition program. The crossfit’s nutrition schedule consists of 30% fats, 30% protein and 40% carbs.  No two people are going to be exactly alike so this will certainly not be the best solution for many people.  There is no one size fits all program when it comes to nutrition.

One last point. HOT PEOPLE DO CROSSFIT… Really?!?!? When I was looking up crossfit, I kept reading that hot people only do crossfit and that hot girls are the only girls who do crossfit… So, is this why crossfit is “trending”? People think.. I want to be hot. I want to be fit. I MUST do crossfit!!! GOLDEN… Um, no. Confidence is HOT!

blog2 Now, now, all your crossfit fiends I am NOT bashing crossfit. I have tried a lot of different workout programs and have come to the conclusion of a few things…

Do what works for you.

Don’t push yourself on the intensity. If you do a program that is at a higher intensity then you feel comfortable at you could cause injury to yourself or burn yourself out on your program.

Don’t follow the fads. Do your own research and make your own decision.

Don't follow a one size fits all nutrition guide.

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