Crunchy Brussel & Endive Salad

I know what you're probably No thanks. Most of my friends don't like them either...but I assure you, they are FANTASTIC! They are like a mini lettuce ball but more crunchy! I am OBSESSED with them! Another one of my favorites are belgian endives....not sure what that is? No worries! Again, it is in the leafy vegetable family! They can be used for ANYTHING! Bottom line, both of these are healthy, with a tad sweetness, and are very versatile. So i decided to do what i do best- have my cake and eat it too! I wanted to try out a combo sauteed salad as a side dish, and it turned out amazing! I had leftovers for lunch =) Here is the recipe! Enjoy, and add your own twist! : 3 endives : about 18-20 brussels, or i choose a bag of pre-diced brussels at Trader Joes : 1 tbs soy sauce : 1 tsp sirachi sauce (optional) : 2 tbs oilve oil null_zps03772245         Fresh Endives        null_zps273721b1        null_zps9cd8d28b        null_zps8c7b64cd   1. First grill the endives, this is optional, but I like the smokey flavor the grill brings out in them- just imparts some extra "ooph" into the dish, but they would be just as good without being grilled 2. If using whole brussels, discard the ends and shred them up - same with endive. You want to just evenly chop/dice them 3. Using your oilve oil, heat a large pan and add mixture 4. Let sautee a few minutes then add your soy sauce and sirachi 5. Add salt & pepper to taste 6. Sautee until brussels start browning (you want them crispy) 7. Serve hot & enjoy! Very low calorie, filling, and healthy!!

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