#Crush Your Kryptonite: Going to Work Out

My Kryptonite: Putting on my work out clothes and Going to work out. Let me start out by saying I love to work out! Its just not until I am in my work out clothes actually doing moves I've just watched Lisa do on a video and listening to my work out mix, that the work out happiness hits. My personal kryptonite hits the minute my eyes open and I know after I get up out of bed and brush my teeth I NEED to put those work out clothes on. After the dreaded task of putting on work out clothes its on to setting up my Daily Hiit video and getting my butt moving. The hardest part for me is just getting those work out clothes on, once they are on there is no turning back. I know at that point I will go in and set my video up and I will complete a work out and feel great when I am done.

Am I the only one that fights this? I truly do love working out but its the moments building up to the work out that I struggle with the most. Maybe your story is different. Do you work out after work and find it hard to transition from work mode to gym mode? Do you go home first and socialize with your family before putting on those work out clothes and setting up a video on Daily Hiit to sweat it out to?

My solution: Putting my work out clothes in a spot that I see everyday, on a rest day, on a day I just didn't push through the kryptonite, and specifically in a spot I see as I walk in and walk out of the bathroom in the morning. I put my clothes in this spot to taunt me and remind me I need to work out. I put them there to help remind me everyday how much I truly love the feeling I get during and after my work out that makes me feel so amazing.

Some days are easier than others for me... but this is my kryptonite I deal with everyday. My advice is to push through the kryptonite, don't let it get you down or discourage you, no matter what your kryptonite might be.

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