Crush Your Kryptonite: Insecurity

Insecurity is why so many of us keep our shirts on when at the gym, or why so many women wear board shorts and a T-shirt rather than a bikini. It's why so many of us hide our feelings from our friends and loved ones, and it's why we put ourselves down. It's what stops you from signing up for that new class, just because you don't want to be the worst dancer, Yoga practitioner, kickboxer, or cyclist in the room. Concepts-of-Beauty-in-These-Superficial-Times With the goal of crushing your kryptonite, it's time to face that insecurity head on.  Don't let your insecurity stop you from hitting the gym, getting in shape, or failing to complete that BodyRock workout. Make the conscious effort to fight insecurity in every way, and let it drive you to work harder. Here are some ways to crush your kryptonite of insecurity: Post that "Before" Picture -- We all want to see the "After", but use that "Before" picture to push you to push yourself. Use that insecurity with your appearance to work to distance yourself from the person you don't want to be, and strive to become the person that you want to be. Be the "After" picture in every way in your life. Share your fears -- Being insecure with your body is actually a good thing. It will force you to work harder, and it can help you to connect with someone else. Share your insecurities with your spouse, partner, friend, or sibling, and work with them to correct the things about you that make you both feel insecure. Do something terrifying -- Those that suffer from insecurities usually have a lot more than just one or two fears. Crush that kryptonite and start dealing with fear in every area of your life. The more fears you conquer, the easier you'll find it will be to deal with the things that make you feel insecure. That's it! Keep it up, and keep fighting that insecurity. Let those insecurities propel you to new heights of fitness, happiness, and improvement. 2014 is going to be an awesome year!

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