#CrushYourKryptonite: Getting Started

OH! This one kills me. Getting started is my biggest issue. I procrastinate, I weigh the pros and cons, I over-think it until my brain hurts and then just give up. That is, until this year... If you know me, you know this was a banner year for me. I started something and I finished. I feel like Hercules right now.  Maybe getting started is your problem too?  Maybe you have been lurking around TheDailyHiit and Bodyrock with the intention of starting but never quite getting there. Well, I am here to "share" ...like overly-clingy girlfriend. This Summer I had the opportunity to talk about my "getting started" and "motivation" strategies with my cousin Jairek on his Youtube channel. However - I am not very good on camera (think Trale Lewous "Skittels") so, instead of a video, I have outlined some of the key points below.   #1 Set a goal/create incentive - it doesn't have to be huge. Endeavor to take one step towards something you want to do. The goal doesn't even have to be the thing itself - just a step towards it. For the purposes of this (highly scientific) list, we are going to assume you want to get pumped up like Arnold. #2 Talk a massive amount of shit - In The Four Hour Body, Tim Ferris suggests that sometimes public ridicule can be a huge motivator. This is 100% true for me; my integrity is worth a lot to me. (I also turn red quite easily). What did I do? I announced an insane goal (insane for me). "I am going to run 13 5Ks in 2013." As someone who had spent the last three years sedentary I really had committed. Beginning in October of 2012, I told everyone who would listen to me about what I was doing. By the time 2013 came around I inflated this thing so much that, if I didn't meet my goal, I was going to be very embarrassed. #3 Get the right gear - This will make it easy. This is another gem of knowledge from Mr. Ferris. If you don't make it simple for you to complete your task then you will either get bored or give up. In my experience, when it comes to physical activity, comfortable is better. (Guys, think nipple chaffing. Its a thing...google it!) Get the right shoes, technical apparel, music and other tools you might need to feel like you are ready to tackle whatever activity you choose. My running shoes changed the game and made every stride comfortable. This also helped me focus on my running goals because I wasn't thinking about the aches and pains in every step. #3 Get involved in a community - create some accountability for yourself by finding a group of people who are just starting or are willing to mentor you. My running group is my anchor. Those bastards are so happy all the time and it makes me want to run with them. I feel like the annoying little sister that follows them when they go to play outside but its awesome! I love the social aspect, the personal competition, the enthusiasm and the camaraderie. This is true of Bodyrock. It is part of what inspired me to keep coming back and to be a blogger - because I LOVE the community they have created. #4 Give yourself time for recovery - this includes sleep, so get your Zzzz's. Did you hit it hard? Are your muscles a bit strained the next day? You may need an extra day of rest. Just make sure you keep going. (Seriously guys, don't give up). I can't tell you how many times I have had to take a step back and allow myself to rest. Especially when you are first starting a fitness regimen, you need to recover. Say it with me "recovery time is good for me." #5 Be forgiving of yourself - especially in the beginning stages after a long periods of sedentary habits.  Work hard, cry a little...put an ace bandage on a random body part if it makes you feel better.  Seriously, don't be an asshole to yourself. Don't get mad or embarrassed that you need extra recovery time or that you aren't fast or can't do more than three repetitions. Accept where you are and work to improve it but make sure you are giving yourself room to recover when you need it. Be proud of that. I am already proud of you. * Remember, these are my strategies. I do hope they work for you too. Also...don't forget to wash your gym clothes. They smell, you know it. So, wash that shit. We all thank you. **quote in the photo is by Henry Rollins. Photo courtesy of Sizzling Youth

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