#CrushYourKryptonite: Sleep Deprivation & A Tight Schedule

What is your biggest obstacle to health?  What is your Kryptonite?  I have many more than one, but my #1 challenge is a combination with a crappy outcome. lack of time + chronic sleep deprivation = poor diet choices + skipped workouts + increased stress Some say that the definition of crazy is expecting a different result from the same method.  I must be crazy, because most mornings I vow to go to bed early, but each evening I end up going to bed late.  My workday mornings always begin the same way:  I curse my alarm, oversleep because I accidentally turn the alarm off, & my husband tells me I should go to bed earlier.  Workday evenings end the same way, too:  I stay up too late preparing for the next day & vow to go to bed earlier tomorrow.  I'm sure than when my friends see how tired I look, they assume my baby is keeping me up all night, but he is not. The truth is, I have very little personal time each day.  I wake up late, rush through the morning, drive an hour to my busy 10 hr/day  job, & drive an hour home.  By the time baby is asleep, we've had dinner, & I'm done prepping for the next day, I have about 30 min -1 hour available before I cut into the 8 hours of sleep I ought to get.  What to do?  Pay bills?  Catch up with friends & family on Facebook?  Read?  Workout?  Blog?  Study for my upcoming monster exam?  Go to bed?  99% of the time, I do not choose sleep.   I go to bed 1-3 hours later than I ought to...rinse & repeat. This sleep-deprived schedule is not serving me well;  I'm chronically tired, which I know is awful for my health, & it adds to my stress (which is already way past maxed-out).  So what should I do? I hate to admit it, but listen to my husband. Solution:  Get up earlier in the day & go to bed at a reasonable hour.   This might sound easy, but I assure you that it will be really tough for me.  I am NOT a morning person.  Did I mention that I cuss at my alarm daily?   However, morning is the time of day I could be most productive, if I give it a try.  I'm asking my husband to "help" me get up by a certain time, & will be laying out workout clothes and equipment at night.  Waking up & getting my workout out of the way early ought to free up time so that I can go to bed earlier.  Those two things could decrease my stress, increase my health, & help curb bad dietary choices (which I'm way more likely to commit when tired & stressed). Here are a few things that help me make the most of my time:
  1. Batch cook some meals on days off (hard boil eggs, prep salad, make & freeze: rice, quinoa, oatmeal, soups, make healthy crock-pot meals, baby's food)
  2. Workout on lunch break at work (this used to be my #1 solution to time constraints, but lately it hasn't worked for me)
  3. Delegate household responsibilities
  4. Cut down on time spent making grocery lists by using a pre-printed one with the items you buy all the time.  Clip the list to the fridge & highlight things as you run out.  Mine is organized based on aisles in our grocery store, & has a Target section.  (Yes, I'm a nerd.)
  5. Walk or run with the baby (if you have one) to run errands if possible.  I'm always amazed at how much stuff I can fit in the jogging stroller's storage compartment.
  6. Shop online
  I'm not the only one out there struggling to find work-home balance.  What helps you?  Please share your struggles & successes! Jessica PS - I'll be joining Lisa's next 30 day challenge in January, & doing it early early early in the morning.   If you hear someone cussing while jumping rope at 5:30 am, it might be me.

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