#CrushYourKryptonite - What's Your Weakness?

We've been posting our #InspirationalBodyRockers & #Sweatography stories in hopes of inspiring you all to push through to achieve your goals. But one of the things we've neglected to talk about is our weaknesses. All of us have a kryptonite that causes speed bumps in our progress, gets us down & side tracks us from our goals. Physical limitations, diet, time restrictions, insecurities, fear....we've all got one. But we've all got ways to combat out weaknesses and push through - and chances are someone is struggling with the same thing you are. So lets ban together and share our struggles. What causes you the most frustration, causes you to struggle the most?

What's your kryptonite?

For me, it's often food. I'm an admitted stress eater and though my celiacs diagnosis has helped curb how far I can take it, there are still tons of gluten-free junk items I can binge on. I'm also a bored eater and since I spend 90% of my day in front of the computer - it can be a huge problem.

How do you crush your kryptonite?

I take a few steps to deter these habits. The first being keeping these items OUT of the house. Chips, cookies, pop and sweets VERY rarely exist in this house. They're not "banned" by any means, but they're only purchased on special occasions/extreme hangovers and so they don't lay around and create that temptation. So if I'm getting the urge to stress eat, I'm forced to drive to the grocery store and see the transaction that is necessary for such an unnecessary action. So many times I'll make it all the way to the parking lot, but that short drive will be enough for me to realize I don't need to do this. If I realize I'm going to stress eat no matter what - I try and do it with cucumber and salt. I ALWAYS crave salty food and could easily take down a family sized bag of chips in 1 sitting. So to satisfy my salt craving, I'll cut up an entire cucumber and put salt on it. It's obviously way better than eating a whole bag of chips when in reality I just want the salt. If it's REALLY bad and the cucumber doesn't help - I'll straight up eat a handful of salt. Not like a heaping cup full or anything, probably something the size of a penny. But this kicks the craving and actually makes you momentarily super nauseous - deterring any further eating. This may seem a bit extreme (and gross), but I've had stressful eating moments turn into full-on binges, so this is my happy medium. For those who have the same problem, but crave sugar - I have a friend who crushes up ice, squeezes a fresh lime over top and sprinkles just a pinch of sugar. She swears by it because you're still technically 'eating', and the sweet/bitter combination seems to curb that craving.   I know I am not the only stress eater out there. And I know I'm not the only salt craver out there. So I want to start this thread in hopes of other people sharing THEIR kryptonite and their tips to crush it - because I guarantee you aren't alone with yours either. Post them to the Facebook wall or email them to blog@bodyrock.tv and help your fellow BodyRockers stay on track!  And don't forget, BodyRock has tons of resources to help you Do you need help motivating yourself? Click here Do you need help with your diet? Click here Do you need help exercising? Click here Do you need help with something else? Tell us

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