Cupping: The Bizarre Beauty Treatment That Banishes Cellulite

If you've tried everything from expensive creams to eating sardines (yes, that's a cellulite 'cure') and nothing has worked, you may feel discouraged. But a new spa treatment called 'cupping' could be the miracle solution you've been looking for!   Favoured by actress Gwenyth Paltrow, cupping is a way to increase blood flow to the skin's surface and actually reduce the appearance of those annoying little puckers. The powerful detox procedure involves the gliding of vacuum-like silicone cups over the muscles to gently release toxicities within them while boosting circulation. The skin turns red as the blood rises to the surface, and then the cup is removed. “Guests who are specifically using the massage as a cellulite treatment should have it done at least once a week, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle." explains Jeannette Von Johnsbach, a spa therapist at the Four Seasons Los Angeles.   The alternative treatment has been around since ancient times. The cups have been made from a variety of materials which include glass and bamboo before the modern invention of silicone. The procedure has been shown to help conditions such as facial paralysis and acne along with fighting cellulite. Would you ever try this unique treatment? Share your thoughts with us! Source: Glamour  

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