Cut Out Sugar Like Kate Hudson With These 10 Food Swaps

A sexy free spirit with an incredible acting career under her belt, Kate Hudson is a much-loved and well-respected name in Hollywood. And in recent years, she's made waves in the fitness community as well, with her stylish apparel line, Fabletics, and a killer body to match. She even recently revealed the workout she abides by to get that fit figure of hers. Now, the 36-year-old bombshell has revealed that taking sugar out of her diet has been her go-to for feeling and looking her best. Envious of Hudson's ability to say sayonara to sugar cravings? Check out these 10 swaps for sugar that may help you get on the healthy train easier and faster than you had imagined.
  1. Original: 200ml glass of orange juice (18.4g sugar, 85 calories) Swap: Two clementines (10.4g sugar, 50 calories) Sugar saving: Two teaspoons.
  2. Original: 75g slice of Waitrose lemon tart (22.3g sugar, 356 calories) Swap: Pancakes with lemon juice and sprinkled granular sweetener to taste (8.4g sugar, 222 calories) Sugar saving: Three and a half teaspoons.
  3. Original: Mcvities milk chocolate digestive (4.9g sugar, 83 calories) Swap: Kallo Organic dark chocolate rice cake thin (2.6g sugar, 55 calories) Sugar saving: Half a teaspoon.
  4. Original: Slice of jam and buttercream Victoria sandwich (17.8g sugar, 216 calories) Swap: Cream horn (8.7g sugar, 197 calories) Sugar saving: Two teaspoons
  5. Original: 60g serving Blue Dragon oyster and spring onion sauce (10.8g sugar, 61 calories) Swap: Dash (10ml) of light soy sauce (1.2g sugar, 5 calories) Sugar saving: Two teaspoons
  6. Original: Snickers bar (21.7g sugar, 245 calories) Swap: Slice of toast spread with a 15g spoon Nutella (9.9g sugar, 174 calories) Sugar saving: Three teaspoons
  7. Original: 295g serving Campbell’s condensed cream of tomato soup (12.8g sugar, 140 calories) Swap: 300g New Covent Garden wild mushroom soup (2.7g sugar, 81 calories) Sugar saving: 1 and a half teaspoons
  8. Original: 330ml Old Jamaican Ginger beer (52.8g sugar, 211 calories) Swap: 330ml low calorie ginger ale (0.5g sugar, 5 calories) Sugar saving: 12 ½ teaspoons
  9. Original: Cup of tea with milk and sugar (9.1g sugar, 44 calories) Swap: Cup of tea with a two sweeterners such as Canderel tablets (1.2g sugar, 12 calories) Sugar saving: Two teaspoons.
  10. Original: Cheddar and pickle sandwich (7.5g sugar, 422 calories) Swap: Prawn sandwich (2.4g sugar, 392 calories) Sugar saving: One teaspoon
Have you tried any of these swaps before? Source: Daily Mail  

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