Did this Cute 7-week-old baby just coo 'hello' in viral video?

The Internet is no stranger to adorable videos of infants cooing and babbling. A recent viral video of a 7-week-old baby, however, has the world weighing in on whether the noises his mom recorded are the usual baby sounds, or something more. Toni McCann, a mom from Northern Ireland who teaches drama to children, posted a video of her son, Cillian, to her Facebook page this week. In the video, the infant can be heard babbling to his mother, and then making a noise that clearly sounds like, “Hello.” Baby Cillian is now 9 weeks old, and while he hasn’t said “hello” again since the video was shot, McCann says she’s sure that her baby did, in fact, speak to her. “He definitely said hello, as that was what I was saying. He was clearly trying to copy —isn’t that what speech is? We learn from what we hear,” said McCann. What do you guys think? Did he say hello? H/T: Today  

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