Cuter and Thinner? Better Pay Too.

When it comes to how income effects weight and weight effects income, men and women are completely different. Huffington Post reports on the findings of US statistics that thinner women will make more money, and that this does not hold true for men. There are just as many overweight male CEOs as there are average weight male CEOs, but a drastic lack of overweight female CEOs, in comparison to their thinner peers. cuter=betterpay fact2 There are too many examples right now of obesity discrimination; a 250lb aerobics instructor denied a Jazzercise franchise, nasty snipes about US supreme court’s Justice Sonia Sotomayer’s appearance, and a “telemarketer of the year” who applied for a face-to-face job with the SAME company got overlooked next to a thinner and less qualified candidate. People are judged by measurements, not merits, and it has to stop. It's even more expensive to be obese for women than it is for men. [caption id="attachment_46172" align="alignnone" width="383"]cuter=betterpay fact3 That huge white chunk? That's lower wages. Not cool.[/caption] We as a gender have come a long way in gaining workplace equality. Yes, we still have a ways to go, with decreasing the wage gap, balancing child care responsibilities, and increasing the number of female corporate directors. Now we have to worry about weight hate in the workplace too, why am I not surprised? One of the article’s commenters pretty much sums it up: In other news: water is wet.  

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