Is Cutting Carbs The Best Kept Secret to Fast Weight Loss?

We've heard so many contradictions about carbohydrates. "Cut carbs and lose weight!" "Keep carbs in your diet to lose weight!" What is the truth about this macronutrient? First off, there are three types of carbohydrates. The carbs found in fruit and milk are simple carbs and the carbs found in grains, pasta and bran are complex carbs. Both types of carbs are healthy, but when complex carbs get processed and become refined, that they are more dangerous. Boxed cereals, white bread and store bought cookies are examples of these refined complex carbs. Refined carbs can impact your metabolism and they increase your fat mass and body weight. So cutting back on them can be an effective way to shed weight, along with improving your health. If you're looking for a quick way to drop some extra poundage, try cutting carbs completely (both complex and refined complex) for a few weeks. This will give your metabolism a boost, de-bloat you and energize you. A carb-less cleanse can improve your cognitive function and increase your focus. It also allows your body to flush out excess water weight for a fast, effective weight loss. But complex and simple carbs are essential macronutrients, so cutting them out permanently is not a sustainable way to manage weight. What are your thoughts? Have you ever gone one a zero carb cleanse? Source: Pop Sugar  

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