We're All Cynical About Love... Until We're Not

You are tired of dating. There is no one out there worth having so you're content to stay single. You're the only person you can count on anyway, right? Admit it, you've said it. You are exhausted by the search and doubt there is anything out there that can make you happy so you're content to stop trying. Until you meet someone who makes your heart beat so quickly you think it just might come right out of your chest. And all of a sudden, that cynical edge softens and you start planning your happily ever after. It is ridiculous, really. We're ice cold until we're not.

We're guarded... until someone finds their way through the defenses.

We build our walls strong and high. NO ONE gets in. Until we meet someone we like and we let him/her in through the front door. The defenses get overcome so quickly, it may even give you whiplash. We only play at being impenetrable.

We're scary... until someone scares us.

We put on our heels or power suits and walk through the world like we own it. We are independent and powerful and all we need in this world. Until we find someone we'd like to have around. Then we soften. Wouldn't want to scare him/her away. We start checking our phones for messages, we become obsessed. We ignore the good things going on around us because we are now afraid s/he doesn't like us enough.

We're disenchanted... until someone charms us.

We hate romance. It is soppy and gross. Sweet enough to cause diabetes. We make fun of our friends who no longer have time to hang out. We laugh at how everything changed once they got a significant other. That is we laugh until we become that person. As soon as we find someone worth our time, we give them all of our time.

We're happy when single... until we're taken.

We are damn good at being single. We love our freedom and not having to commit our time to any one person. Things are great, just as they are. The second we enter a relationship, we forget all this. Suddenly we become a little needy in our requests for time and attention. Once we enter a relationship, we forget how to be without one.

We're all jaded... until someone proves themselves different.

There are no good men or women left out there. Game over. We want our girlfriends or our bros. Who needs a significant other? Well, apparently we do. We hate love, until we find love. Being human is not easy. We steadfastly believe one thing, then can flip flop in an instant. It would be comical if it weren't so pathetic sometimes. But I think the point we need to remember is that we aren't weak when we relent to love. We aren't less because we've gone back on what we just said. We do what we can to be fine with our current situations. I'm single right now. I'm happy being that way. I love that I can go dancing all weekend and don't have to check with anyone. I am free. I do get cynical and doubtful about the prospect of finding love but when and if I do, I know I will melt instantaneously and my life will look dramatically different than it does right now. And I will love it. That doesn't make me a hypocrite. It makes me a person. Perhaps when it comes to love, being of two minds is the only way to be. h/t: Elite Daily

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