Dad Goes From Chubby To Chiseled In Just 18 Weeks!

You probably thought it was impossible to get a six pack in 18 weeks, but 34-year old-father of two, Shaun Mundin is here to tell you otherwise! Weighing 224 pounds at his heaviest, he managed to kick his nasty, unhealthy habits and turn his life around. Shaun had his wake up call while looking at pictures of himself on vacation with his family. He said, "I saw a photo of myself after a family holiday and realised how much weight I had gained. I was unfit and uncomfortable and I wanted to be an active Dad." shaun Shaun fell into the trap many people do, he put himself on a calorie controlled diet and started working out, but wasn't really getting results. It wasn't until he started weightlifting that he was able to get his current toned, lean physique. "Now I train three to four evenings a week following the LDN Muscle Cutting Guide - doing a mixture of resistance training with some HIIT workouts," he said. Shaun's resistance training has mainly focused on his shoulders and abs, back, biceps, chest triceps and legs. shaun4 A former fast food junkie and lover of sweet cereals, Shaun has also completely changed his eating habits. "I prepare my meals in the evening for work the next day and I have learnt to cook fresh meals in the evening. I now eat fats and carbs after always thinking they were the enemy," he said. "I gained knowledge on nutrition and training and finally put it into practice." While not perfect, Shaun says he still enjoys the odd night out with friends or a take out meal, but because his diet is flexible, he can do this without it spelling disaster. shaun3 Fully committed to his family, Shaun explains how he makes it all work, "I tend to fit going to the gym in when the kids are in bed so I'm free to pick them up from school and spend time together." Now he can be that active father he wanted to be! From 224 pounds to 168 pounds in just 18 weeks. Incredible. See, a little work and it is possible. Does this story inspire you to get moving? Source: Daily Mail

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