Your Daily Dose of Motivation

Who doesn't need a little motivation every now and again? Some days you just need that extra push to get to the gym, lift a little heavier, do that extra 15 minutes of cardio. So what form of motivation works for you? I subconsciously give myself a daily reminder to get up and move more and creating a goal list. I have to ask myself, what am I doing to better myself to obtain these goals? Once I hit one goal, what level can I bring myself now? How far am I able to push myself today that will make me that much closer to my overall goal. (Obtain my IFBB Pro card) There are several forms of motivation out there; videos, quotes, speeches, blogs, photos, social media etc. Videos and motivational quotes posted up or written down is my go-to form of motivation. I want to give a shout out to my two girls Kayce Gorman and Jennifer Friedrichs. Recently I followed (aka borderline stalking) these two girls on their latest journey in this oh so fun industry. 10527447_10203379026588120_8454280083245034_n 10154325_631920470232036_6184923911205792870_n Kayce recently competed at the NPC USA’s Championship in Las Vegas. She placed 3rd in her class, let me point out that this is her FIRST National Competition! With the final weeks leading up to the big competition, Kayce frequently documented her journey to the USA’s through pictures and workout videos. Seeing a physique change over the course of a few weeks is one thing, but understanding and truly feeling the dedication she put towards the show is motivation in itself. Kayce is a fitness coach (FigureFitMiss), and a rather good one at that, living in Scottsdale Arizona. 10353653_10152728295274305_4649487117563869564_n10259916_666429230114493_8469845445631147713_n 10475703_677083712382378_131646350517976323_n 10491161_10152660423654305_3414241275421922266_n 10511304_667856473305102_7872121632554695901_n IMG_1890 - check out this video! IMG_1891 - check out this video! HUGE Congrats to Jennifer for not only winning both of her classes, but for being welcomed into the IFBB family! She competed at the Teen Collegiate Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh where she obtained her Pro Card by placing first in bikini masters 35+ and 40+ - yea that’s right, 40+! Check out her interview on @prosuppsbodybuildingbyv where she talks about her journey to win her procard and offers advice for anyone interested in getting into the competitive world. 10351893_10203059029828401_5499263036030681755_n10527709_10203382285829599_7900304191670882097_n For your daily dose of motivation, make sure to give these ladies some love and check them out on their pages :) Kayce and Jennifer 

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