Daily HIIT Reps #24 Real Time Workout

Here is the Real Time workout of Daily HIIT's HIIT Reps #24 workout. I did the tutorial here: http://www.dailyhiit.com/videos/feel-good-your-clothes-workout-hiitreps-24 and wanted to share my real time workout with you! Shooting workouts with Freddy and the Bodyrock crew was fun and exciting!  I brought my husband, Adrian, and we had a great time!  I didn't expect to laugh the entire trip!  Each workout took only one take!  Everything went so smoothly...almost like it was meant to be.  I am going to be joining them again soon to do more workouts and bring them right into your home!!  The workouts I put together are explosive and challenging even for the most advanced!  We did only rep challenges, but the next time, I will do a variety of formats...hopefully many real time workouts!!   For some reason, in the tutorial, I said there are 5 different exercises when I only showed 4. In any case, I added one exercise to this Real Time workout! So, do it along with me! Make sure you are ready to go...you need a MAT and your ULTIMATE SANDBAG. My sandbag weighs somewhere between 30-35 pounds. This is a rep challenge, so do your reps as quickly as possible with the proper form to prevent injury. Do NOT take your time during this workout! DO 10 REPS of each exercise before moving on to the next. Complete 3 Rounds if you are a beginner. Complete 3-5 Rounds if you are intermediate. Complete 5+ Rounds if you are more advanced. I intended on only completing 5 Rounds, but due to technical difficulties, I had to do a 6th round! Oh well! It felt really good! So PUSH yourself and get in that EXTRA Round!! Here are the 5 Exercises: 1. 2X Rows, 2X Push Ups (sandbag) 2. Parajumper Burpees 3. Frogs 4. Crunch and Reach (mat) 5. Jump Squats (sandbag optional)

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