Daily Motivation : Mind Over Matter

Daily Motivation : Mind Over Matter


You can change your life by changing you mind.

It's simple - nothing is impossible for the willing mind!

We all have the power to gain control of out lives, reach our goals, and live our dreams. You challenge is to locate, nurture, and believe in your ability to do so.

Any lingering sense of inferiority or inadequacy will interfere with the attainment of your goals and dreams, while self-confidence and positive attitude lead to success.

To push your body toward ripped perfection, your mind had got to be strong & focused. It is imperative that you hone and train your mind as intensely as you train your body.

This means performing mental exercises to replace self-defeating behaviours with positive ones, and to remove distractions and bring mental clarity and self-control.

After all, it's your mind that directs and drives everything you do, or don't do - so get it on your side!


Enjoy Your Workout

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