Dancing Pays! Rumer Willis Shows Off Her Fit Body in LAX

All those hours in the dance studio have paid off big-time. Fresh into LAX from picking up the coveted role of Roxie on Broadway in "Chicago," Dancing with the Stars winner Rumer Willis was pulled aside for a full-body scan in the Advanced Imaging Technology imaging portal. While the TSA agents checked her out, so did photographers who captured her looking very fit, especially her well-toned and sculpted booty. Willis herself, however, believes her clean diet is as much to credit as her workouts. "I don't really eat dairy, no gluten, and I don't really eat red meat," she says. "It's half the reason why I'm in the shape the way I am." Accompanied at LAX by a stubble-cheeked mystery companion who comforted her after the extended search and scan, Rumer seemed otherwise settled and healthy. This is the first time she's been seen with a man publicly since her split from her boyfriend Jayson Blair, the Whiplash actor.

Despite sustaining several stress fractures last month, from which she is still recovering, Willis will make her Broadway debut August 18 with an eight-week stint replacing Brandy Norwood and following such stars as Ginger Rogers, Liza Minnelli, Renée Zellweger, Brooke Shields, Ashlee Simpson, Melanie Griffith, Michelle Williams, and Christie Brinkley in the role of Roxie Hart, the murderer chorus girl.

On Instagram Thursday, Willis wrote, "Could not be more excited to be making my Broadway debut as Roxie in @chicagomusical!"

Even with her diet, do you think Rumer Willis could have built her dance booty without her year of Dancing with the Stars?

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