Dandelion Blueberry Toss Salad

Please don’t go out to your neighbour’s just sprayed lawn to forage. This is definitely one of our more natural and healthy recipes, but it’s only healthy if your dandelion greens are repellent with chemicals. This light toss salad is lovely, light and (obviously) edible. Try it out!

Ingredients (Serves 4):

3-4 cups of dandelion greens. Remove the stems, wash and cut into 3-inch lengths 1 small purple onion. Mince it! 1 cup dried blueberries or cranberries (dried is to add a sweet tang - you can go natural if you please.) 1 cup unpasteurized apple cider vinegar 1 ½ teaspoon maple syrup (more or less if desired) 2 - 3 teaspoons olive oil

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